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BCC Shines A Light on: Julie Alden Cullinane

BCC Shines a Light On::

Julie Alden Cullinane

Name of the piece published by BCC:

Michael’s Poem

When/where was it originally published:

Bridgewater State University’s The Graduate Review

What is the background of the piece? What led you to write it? What’s your process?

This piece was one of the first pieces I wrote as I returned to graduate school for English after being out

of school for 20 years. I was an older MA student and was trying to keep up with the young poets, but I

realized I had so much to write about. Most importantly being a mother and what a struggle that was.

My oldest son was really sick as a child and this poem deals with how hard of a time that was.

How did you feel when it was first published and how have your thoughts or feelings on the piece

changed from then to now?

When it was first published, I honestly knew it had not found the right home yet. The Graduate Review

is mostly for students to review each others work so I felt like I wasn’t in company with peers my own


Is there a specific message you'd like readers to take away from reading this piece?

Yes, that there is no perfect way to be a mother. All you can do is give them your best and love them

endlessly. All parents worry and that is all part of the job. Also, that as a woman and a mother you

should not care what other’s think of you, what your religion tells you, what society tells you. You have

to use your own intuition and go with your gut, learn to trust yourself it will never steer you wrong.

Where can readers find more of your work? (Website/social media, etc):

Chapter House Literary Journal: Feb 28th, 2023, Big Need

Red Wolf Periodical: Feb, 2023, How to Give Up Writing

Swim Press: Yes, March 12 th , Seasick, March 31st 2023

Bulb City Press, Michael’s Poem, May 19 th , 2023

Underscore_Magazine: The Red Line, May 15 th , 2023

Anti-Heroine Chic: April 19 th , 2023, The Next Slaughter

OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters, The Porcelain God is a Female

Salmon Creek Journal: Gasoline Shampoo: Spring 2023

Washington Square Review: Poem, Summer 2023

HAD Literary Magazine: When the Hand of the Universe Reaches Down and Turns You in the Right

Direction: Graphic Memoir, June 2023

Renesme Literary Journal: Shades of Blue, Almost Alive, Nights Blue Fruit: June 1 st , 2023


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