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BCC Shines A Light On: Cole Martin

BCC Shines a Light On:

Cole Martin

Name of the piece published by BCC:

The First Time I Killed.

When/where was it originally published:

Canadian Stories Magazine in 2022.

What is the background of the piece? What led you to write it? What’s your process?

There's usually two ways people go about CNF: reflective (i.e. using your present self as a reflective

subject), or what I would call impulsive (i.e. trying to embody the memory). For this piece I wanted to try

and embody my younger self and refabricate the experience.

How did you feel when it was first published and how have your thoughts or feelings on the piece

changed from then to now?

It was my first publication, and I'm still pretty happy with it. I don't know if it's the case for anyone else,

but I have a hard time re-reading any of my work once it's published. I think it's because I will always

find things I dislike about it and want to change. At some point you just need to finish things and never

look at them again lol.

Is there a specific message you'd like readers to take away from reading this piece?

Whatever they take away from it is valid.

Where can readers find more of your work? (Website/social media, etc)

I have a substack ( where I have links to my other published work, and I'm on

twitter @maritimemagnate.


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