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BCC Shines a Light On: Hibah Shabkhez

Name of the piece published by BCC:

When/where was it originally published:

Brine Literary

What is the background of the piece? What led you to write it? What’s your process? -

I wanted to describe the exhilarating experience of walking by the Seine in winter, and I was listening to Khusrau’s ‘Paimana bideh ke khumar astam’ (this version: ) on

loop just then, so it worked its way into the poem. My process is fairly simple: I write down whatever

first springs to mind, then fiddle with it until it feels right.

How did you feel when it was first published and how have your thoughts or feelings on the piece

changed from then to now? -

I suppose it has an additional element of nostalgia now - a touch of sepia, like an old photograph.

Is there a specific message you'd like readers to take away from reading this piece? -

No. I just hope they enjoy it and perhaps relate to it a little.

Where can readers find more of your work?


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