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Therapy - Amrita V. Nair

While we are here

You should take off your shoes

And make yourself comfortable

Unless you worry about having ugly feet

Then you should keep your shoes on

Because now

Nothing about us is allowed to be ugly anymore.

You tell me that it is impossible



To be where you are

And that we are trapped

We are all trapped 

And then you cry a lot

And then tomorrow 

You come back

And say - 

Everything is perfect 

I am exactly where I should be.

You say - 

Sorry I cried. I am sure I look ugly when I cry. 

I can be such a wreck sometimes

But I know that you know

That you aren't so easily catalogued

And I have to look away

Because I am scared I'll be tempted

To tell you 

the saddest fact I know

(No, it's not the one about how 

Pluto never completed a revolution around the sun

During the time it was considered a planet.)

The saddest fact I know is that

You are here 

You are now


There's just no getting used to that.

Originally published by Kitaab 2017

Amrita V. Nair (she/her) is a poet from Kerala, who currently lives in the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples (Vancouver, Canada). Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Okay Donkey, Yuzu Press, Kitaab, Anak Sastra, and Tiny Wren Lit, and was included in the Bloomsbury Anthology of Great Indian Poems. Website:


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