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BCC Shines A Light on: Kerry Langan

BCC Shines a Light On:

Kerry Langan

Name of the piece published by BCC:


When/where was it originally published:

The literary anthology, Lavanderia: A Mixed Load of Women, Wash and Word

What is the background of the piece? What led you to write it? What’s your process?

I saw a call for submissions for the anthology, perhaps in Poets & Writers, and couldn’t resist. Laundry!

It’s mundane, it’s intimate, it’s universal. I wanted a human connection with a stranger so I set the story

in a laundromat rather than a residence.

How did you feel when it was first published and how have your thoughts or feelings on the piece

changed from then to now?

I was happy and grateful to be included in an anthology with a community of writers showcasing

wonderful work on a common theme. I’m joyful once more because the piece found new readers after

being published in Bulb Culture Collective. Thank you for giving so many fabulous stories a second home.

Is there a specific message you'd like readers to take away from reading this piece?

While much of my writing is serious, this is one that I hope makes readers smile and chuckle a bit. May

your laundry loads be colorful. ;)

Where can readers find more of your work? (Website/social media, etc)

I’ve published three collections of short stories available at my publisher’s website,,

and on Amazon. Many recent stories are available in various online literary journals, findable through a

simple Google search of my name.


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