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Breakfast After a Night Spent Together by Jonny Bolduc

You reach for a fry pan

in the same cabinet

your poltergeist father hides his stash of `secret` booze,

a graveyard of bottles buried deep, back, behind the cereal boxes.


I open the arm of the fridge.

His chemo bills and appointment

reminders are pinned up the cold white front

beside preschool pictures of your brother;

I reach inside for eggs.

Soon, we are eating in an empty morning house,

sharing silence, spare sparse bursts of conversation.

This home

has a living ghost,

a slipping silence,


slowly dying.

Originally published by The Impressement Gang 2015

Jonny Bolduc is a newcomer to the lit scene. A smattering of memes

and self published books of poetry dot his resume. He lives in Maine,

works as a teacher, and is a devoted guardian to three cats.


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