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The Wheel By The Ocean by C.M. Crockford

When you hit the carnival,

slick with sweat

in Philadelphia summer,

You eat food

battered beyond


Skip the games

you know

you'll never win,

Breathe in

pot smoke drifting

alongside the night.

Then you ride

the Ferris wheel that

presses against the sky.


When the car dips,

you can see the city

wrapped tight around the Delaware

(so pretty so cold),

a blanket of

black and gold.

And when you turn back,

the lights have given

your lover's face

These wild colors

no one has

ever seen before.

Originally Published in Toho Journal Online, 2019

From the Writer: "I’m an autistic/ADHD writer whose work has been featured in Vast Chasm, No Cinema! Quarterly, Neologism Poetry Journal, Wilde Boy, and Vastarien among others. I’ve published two chapbooks, sung in two bands, co-hosted a podcast, and have co-written a short horror film now in development. Currently I live in Philadelphia with my cat, but I’ve been in San Francisco and Boston too. You can find more @cm_crockford or my website,"


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1 Comment

John Timm
John Timm
Oct 20, 2022

Highly evocative. Thanks for sharing the ride.

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