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Bulb Culture Collective

Welcome to Bulb Culture, a literary journal for roving writing

Journals close for numerous reasons, and for the many authors who pour their hearts into the work they've published in these journals, closure announcements can be devastating. It takes a lot of love to power a journal--a lot of energy--but according to the Law of Conservation, energy cannot be destroyed.

Our goal at Bulb Culture Collective is to help showcase pieces that no longer have a home. We want to bring these poems back into the light, to show their authors that the love and energy they've put into their writing can be repurposed.

What We Are Looking For

Has your work lost it's original home? We want submissions of:

  • poetry and prose that were published with a journal that has gone dark

  • work that the writer maintains the rights to

  • work that has not been archived by the original journal

The lights will be on soon!

We're still in the early part of the process of creation, but check this space and our social media soon for more information.


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